Slurry Mills

Slurry” is used in all kinds of strikes, from fine granulated refinery sugars to low grade molasses strikes. It is also used for the manufacturing of tablet and cubes. It is possible to make such small crystals in, Slurry” that without mixing with smear or grounded sugar, well-shaped and brilliant tablets and cubes can be made with a minimum of breakage. These tablets are quick melters.

We were informed that with normal sugar, factories that had before less than 60% crystals in

 the main screening fraction, after the use of “Slurry” now have more than 85% in the sa

me fraction. Dust and scalings, which have to be remelted, were down 

to about nothing.

To produce “Slurry” in -a reasonable time we have developed showed slurry mills, type SMAC-l0 with a capacity of 10 liter. This slurry mill is available in regular steel and stainless steel.